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31604Re: RS232 Again?

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  • Mike
    Jul 12, 2013
      From time to time, those RS232 to TLL adapters come in handy. I use the MAX202 instead of MAX 232, as it is a little easier to deal with.

      This single sided PCB I designed for the SCELBI does essentially what you need, It does have an extra flipflop needed for the SCELBI TX interface that can be bypassed (leave off the 7474 and jumper pin 9 to 13).


      I originally did a version of the board without the flip flop, that I used to reprogram a Sony CRT a while back. That is probably exactly what you need, but I don't know where the artwork is, at the moment.

      One of my PS/2 to ascii keyboard adapters could also be adapted, by leaving off the micro-controller and connecting directly to where the TX and RX pins on the micro-controller would normally be.


      If you are familiar with AVR programming, the PS/2 adapter could also be repurposed as a parallel to RS232 converter (paper tape reader?), but that is another story.

      Mike W.

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      > > - there are several MAX232 chips from which to choose. The most basic converts 5V TTL to RS232 using 4 external capacitors. Others allow 3.3V logic and/or no external capacitors. For breadboarding and experimenting, I prefer the pre-assembled postage stamp size boards, available from many sources.
      > > --jeff Jonas
      > I recently bought 5 Maxim RS-232 chips from China, very cheap. But I got burned (literally). Those chips had some defects. They would get extremely hot and pop. I tried some Intersil chips from my old (diminishing) stock pile, no problem.
      > :)J
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