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31590RS232 Again?

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  • RonK
    Jul 11, 2013
      I thought you guys could appreciate this.

      I've been trying to "unbrick" a Seagate SATA 750 GB barracuda hard drive. The recommended approach is to go through it's 4-pin jumper connector to reach its serial port. http://www.overclock.net/t/457286/seagate-bricked-firmware-drive-fix-with-pics/240#post_20364127

      It's "Back to the Basics" of RS232 technology. Oh no! Would I really have to open that trapdoor in my brain that I hadn't accessed for thirty years, and pull out all the old stuff? I guess so. Baud rate, Parity, STOP bits, Flow Control- oh all that wonderfulness... here again!

      My main concern though, were the required voltage levels. It seemed that the Seagate drive wanted TTL levels. So it was recommended that the use of an RS232 to TTL adapter be employed. I didn't have one of those, but I did have a USB-to-RS232 adapter. I figured that unless the adapter employed some sort of voltage doubler to get the voltages up to the normal Rs-232 levels, I would be safe with the 5 volt USB power. Well that didn't work. See my overclock post above for more details.

      Anyway, I've now dug out my Palm IIIxe and GOTYPE keyboard which incorporates a DB9 serial connector. I'll give that a try. :-)
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