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31458Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: ADM-3A Power Transformer Wanted - Introduction

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  • Dave McGuire
    Jun 30, 2013
      On 06/30/2013 10:36 AM, DougCrawford wrote:
      >>>>> I am a very old programmer
      >>> You'll fit in. :)
      >> Are you saying we're OLD? (sonny?)
      > Hey Mr. McGuire, just because you look 1/2 your age...

      That's how I got Autumn, who is 14 years my junior! The surgery was
      worth it. ;)

      > (sneering as if to say 'you stinker')

      Indeed, but I don't take it for granted. My whole family is like
      that. My mother is in her sixties, and she could pass for 30! I'm 44,
      and I still regularly get carded when I request fire water at a
      restaurant. Life is good. :)


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
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