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31434ADM-3A Power Transformer Wanted

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  • equalizer700
    Jun 27, 2013
      I just got an ADM-3A off eBay. it looks to be in super great shape except for one thing: it's 230 Volt. The eBay seller misrepresented the item so it can be returned, but it is in such good shape I'd like to replace the transformer with a US version. In the meantime I'll try a 110-230V step-up transformer. There is a 50-60 Hz switch so that should be no problem.

      The original 110V transformer part number is 129458-3. It has 3 windings: 9.4V used for +5, 31V used for +/-12 and 20.5V used for +15. I can't find any current ratings.

      Anyone got a scrap ADM-3A for parts? Other ideas?
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