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31400RE: [midatlanticretro] (Maybe OT?) Digital LK401-AA Keyboard Needs a New Home

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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Jun 23, 2013
      "Wesley Furr" <wesley@...> writes:

      >I have ended up with a Digital LK401-AA keyboard. The box says Digital, but
      >the keyboard itself is not branded. It is in the box, cord still wrapped in
      >plastic, and the bag is there for the keyboard. Looks brand new, but has a
      >couple small brown liquid marks, like a very small drip landed here and
      >there that wasn't wiped off...which is odd considering it is in the box and
      >plastic wrap. Looks like it is for a Digital terminal, but I couldn't find
      >any definitive information as to what exactly it goes with or what vintage
      >it is, hence the "Maybe OT" tag. It has a narrow RJ-11 (narrow handset
      >width type) connector.
      >I have no need for it...if someone can put it to use, make me an
      >offer...trades happily considered too.

      It's the keyboard for a d|i|g|i|t|a|l terminal such as a VT420 or VT520.
      I'll take it off your hands but I know know what to trade you. I'd give
      you a $20 it that's amenable.

      VAXman- A Bored Certified VMS Kernel Mode Hacker VAXman(at)TMESIS(dot)ORG

      Well I speak to machines with the voice of humanity.
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