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31370Re: Cute MARCH Logo

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  • billdeg
    Jun 21, 2013
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      > A handful of 14-, 16- and 40-pin DIPs would be a great logo to be seen by insiders to the world of retrocomputing, but I don't think most other people would "get" it. The primary problem is that the public in general is woefully uneducated as far as computers (especially older ones) go. I think the original Mac is probably the best compromise out of the available options, unless I'm just not thinking of something more obvious (you'd have a hard time getting everyday people to instantly recognize an H8, for example).

      I respectfully disagree. It's not our job to bend to the masses education level as far as what *we* know and do. See my point? A nice style-ized 24-pin chip is generic enough to cover nearly everything we as a club are into. Some of us think *any* MAC is too new for our group and will foster the endless that is vintage discussions we have every so often. Not what we want to have to explain every time someone sees our logo. Another idea would be a stylized front panel blinking lights, that's more on topic.

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