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31281RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: OT: 1.3 and 2.6 gig MO optical disks

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  • Wesley Furr
    Jun 14, 2013
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      Are your 650Mb ones the PD (or was it "PD/CD" or "PD650"?) variety? The
      rewritable cartridge that would go in a drive that would also read regular
      CD's? A place I used to work apparently got excited about them and had a
      handful of drives, etc, that I don't think anyone ever really used. I have
      one of the drives and probably a dozen discs. Seems like it would have been
      a great technology if it had taken off. Of course CD-R's killed it quickly.


      I came close, but never actually got to see or work on a jukebox. Right out
      of high school I worked for a small local computer company...the county IT
      department put out a request for bid on an HP optical jukebox. In order to
      sell it, for some reason, we had to be able to do repair work on it. I took
      a book or online course or something, then took a test and got certified.
      We won the bid and sold it to them and had it drop-shipped. I guess it
      worked great, as I never had a chance to lay my eyes on it...


      -----Original Message-----

      Wow now that brings back memories. Not that I want the optical disks, I may
      still have some of the 650mb ones and a couple of the 1.3gb ones in a box
      somewhere myself. But memories of giant optical jukeboxes the size of a
      large household refrigerator to store 40gb of data. You'd ask for a file
      and the chunking and banging noise it would make moving platters around to
      put the current optical away and put the new one in. If you were in a data
      center even with all the fan noise you usually could hear from a distance
      someone requesting data. Worse if it was one of the "room" size optical
      jukeboxes that some people used.

      True permanent storage as they were WORM drives and the only legal digital
      archive at the time. I guess it was the early 90's and banks were storing
      their mainframe "greenbar" printed reports on them instead of wasting all
      that 132 column paper and having to pay to keep it at iron mountain, they
      could just store an optical WORM platter.

      Ah. Memories....

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