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31263RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Idea for our Maker Faire exhibit

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Jun 13, 2013
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      Mike wrote:
      > My assumption is that most of the Maker Faire attendees
      > have at least a passing interest in "making" stuff.

      That sort of matches up with a VCF display I'm planning to
      do some day titled "So You Say You've Built A Computer".

      The display would be broken into segments like:

      Did you use a screwdriver? How about a drill or saw?
      This section would contain information and artifacts
      about the simple mechanical aspects involved in a
      vintage computer chassis. I have a number of hacked
      up chassis examples. Would contain various info about
      mounting your own power supply, fans and other cooling
      requirements, various switches, etc.

      Did you customize your OS? How about your bus?
      This section would show various add in cards (mostly S-100)
      and describe the process involved in setting them up and
      modifying the OS to use them. It would also describe the
      loose interpretation of some "standards" that ended up making
      cards that should be compatible incompatible. Display some
      of the really "wacky" cards with dozens of jumpers to try to
      cover all of the bases.

      Did you use a soldering iron? How about wire wrap?
      Did you copy the circuit out of a magazine? Did you
      design your own?
      This section would show full kits, bare boards and
      proto-boards and describe the process of construction
      and testing. I have a couple of unassembled S-100
      card kits. Also show vintage hobbyist magazines with
      construction/design articles.

      Bill S.
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