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31261Re: Idea for our Maker Faire exhibit

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  • Mike
    Jun 13, 2013
      My assumption is that most of the Maker Faire attendees have at least a passing interest in "making" stuff.

      Flash Corliss at VCF-atlanta had a display of reproduction/kit computers - Mark 8, Cosmac elf, etc. Would have been a very relevant Maker Faire exhibit. Another angle might be restoration of original gear - show a badly beat up garage find next to a completely restored and operating unit.

      Kids like games, but I have noticed that the the more modern the game is, the better they like them. Color graphics and a joystick seem like the minimum baseline for most (but not all) kids.

      By the way, does MARCH have handouts/info sheets that they give away to interested parties at these shows? If not, I may be able to help in that area.

      Mike W.
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