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31249Good news, re: museum roofing

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 12, 2013
      The chairman of InfoAge's board (Mike Ruane) announced tonight that Wall Township has $173,000 in hand from FEMA, insurance, etc. that's earmarked for new roofing on 7 of the 12 H-building sections that are on old and beat-up roofing. Mike also specified that MARCH storage will definitely have dibs on space inside of those buildings -- meaning that our concerns about a secure space are unfounded, in light of the incoming Sandy relief teams. Mike added that, best case, the new roofing could be done by sometime in July or August.

      Things rarely happen in "best case" scenarios when dealing with governments, but there are several internal reasons to believe this situation could be an exception. So, stay tuned ...

      In the meantime, Jeff J. and I essentially finished organizing our current storage area today. There will also be a few loose ends, items coming/going, etc., but our weekly urgency for the big organization project is complete. Yay!
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