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31248Re: Idea for our Maker Faire exhibit

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Jun 12 12:54 AM
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Here's the big idea for a MARCH exhibit at Maker Faire this year.

      > We can get a 20x20 space and build a "Be the Bit" maze
      > out of PVC (frame) and painter's tarps (walls).
      > The exhibit will target families.

      I forgot the precise genesis of this idea. Evan and I were brainstorming while sorting parts in the "H" warehouse and I remember suggesting "you are the program" where you must execute a basic-like program with a GOTO with every step so you cannot just follow the charts in order. Like a "choose your story" book, it allows for multiple stories and different endings (ABEND! core dump!), or all the same ending (exit 0). More advanced programs would gosub/return, perhaps using musical notation like "to coda" since that's the same concept! So to answer those asking for more complex things: we already thought of that and Evan applied KISS.

      More complex would be punching everyone a paper tape with their name and perhaps some binary, so reading back the tape "runs the program" as they sneakernet the tape from one device to another. At least it would be an excuse for not just getting a paper tape but having to use it for something.

      Evan even thought ahead to layout/composition and keeping the staffing to just 2-3 people.

      And as folks have realized, it's extremely re-useable and applicable to MARCH's addressing the younger audience at Infoage too.
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