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  • David Gesswein
    May 27, 2013
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      Posting this so next person who looks at the 11/20 will know its state.

      I did a little testing on it on the last day. I checked the voltages
      on the paddle boards and 5V was slightly less than 4.8 and -15 was slightly
      over -15. I didn't find the right document or section looking at what I could
      find with my laptop to know what the other voltages on the little power
      paddle boards should be.

      The load address switch lit up the address the switches were set to. Deposit
      set the data lights to the switches set. Reading the address back returned
      all zeros. I didn't know what address the core was at. I tried address zero
      and addresses like 0x8000, 0xf000. Some of the upper addresses strange
      things happened when I read such as the address jumping to non consecutive
      addresses or run light coming on. The low addresses didn't do this.

      Looking in through the side the first couple of cards were being pressed
      by the foam. The foam was stiff but the amount they were pressed in wasn't
      that far. The later cards didn't seem to be pressed at all. I didn't see
      anything obvious indicating the foam caused the problem but it was removed.
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