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30952Re: Acquired a PDP-8/E

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  • s100doctor
    May 24, 2013
      > On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 6:36 AM, David Gesswein <djg@...> wrote:
      > > **
      > > Dave McGuire said most of what I was going to. You don't need to make
      > > a current loop converter. The M8650 can do both RS-232 and current loop.
      > > You just need to make the right cable.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Kyle Owen <kylevowen@...> wrote:

      > That's really good news! I can definitely rig that up to a connector on the
      > backside then for easy RS-232 operation.

      Kyle, while you are at it, maybe you can do me a favor also, and make a cable for *me*. David Gesswein, with my assistance, got my 8/F running at the recent MARCh Fix-it last weekend. I too need a RS-232 cable, or at least the connector at the serial end. I have the M8655 board, in fact I now have two of them:


      which uses apparently the same cabling as your M8650.


      I borrowed David's cable for the repairs, I haven't yet tried to obtain the Berg connector or search my rubble for one. Contact me offline and maybe we can cooperate on this.

      to All: I'll get my photos of my 8/F and 8/E work on my site pretty soon. In another post I'll give a link to the MARCH event photos I have.

      Herb Johnson
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