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30901Re: Retro WiFi

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  • Andrew
    May 20, 2013
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      I did something similar with my SBC6120 PDP8 replica.

      In my case it was to connect to the SBC6120 over WIFI rather than have it call out to the world.

      It is based on a TP-Link WR-703N "3G Travel Router". These things are very low cost on eBay and can be flashed to run OpenWRT. They have build in WIFI and a USB port allowing connection of a USB/Serial adaptor (or several if you had a hub).

      I need to get around to a write up but some pictures here are:

      The first picture is the carrier board for the SBC CF adaptor but also showing the 703N, the USB/TTL Serial adaptor (small vertical board) and a MAX232 to handle level conversion from the SBC6120. I could have taken TTL serial directly from the SBC6120 but didn't want to change it from the stock configuration. Could also have got a USB/Serial adaptor with level conversion but I used what was in the parts bin.


      And another perspective.


      Mounted on the SBC6120


      And with all the cables in place


      Nothing really fancy here.... just OpenWRT running SER2NET which makes the SBC available to WIFI clients using TELNET to a specific port. I run the 703N as an access point so I am not tied to the home network if I want to take the machine out to demo.

      The 703N's are cheap enough that I will look at doing this for some of the other machines.... the 11/04 being the first candidate when I get it running.

      Enjoy following the threads here. I am based in New Zealand but my company headquarters is in Fairfield NJ. Next time I visit I will try and make an effort to come and visit the InfoAge Science Center.



      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Mike Loewen <mloewen@...> wrote:
      > A few weeks ago, we were speculating on the possibility of using a
      > Raspberry Pi, a serial level shifter and a USB wireless dongle to get
      > vintage systems online. I'm happy to report that the proof of concept is
      > successful. I'm typing this on a stock TRS-80 Model 4P, running IMP 2.45
      > under Montezuma Micro CP/M. There are some problems to be worked out, as
      > I'm seeing some weird echo effects, despite the serial setting being
      > correct. I'll update the group as I continue testing. With this
      > configuration, it's also possible to connect via 100BaseT.
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