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30786Stuff BIll Could Sell

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  • B. Degnan
    May 17, 2013
      First off, I have a lot of extra Byte mags, and a convenient order form:
      You have to enter your contact info and your very specific offer. Offers
      only please. If you ask "what do you want for xzy," that is the same thing
      as saying "I have no offer". Offers must be worth my while, be

      If any of these are of any interest I will bring if the offer is worth the
      effort of lugging to the event:
      Apple ImageWriter LQ - boxed and I don't think ever used
      Shugart 801's (untested/used)
      vector graphic external dual 5 1/4" drive
      IBM PS/2 keyboards
      Teletype KSR 33 (powers up but does not exit "open/chatter" mode.)
      XT Clone Chassis (may have m-board cards and power untested)
      a few boards that you might recognize that I will prob bring anyway
      dual 5 1/4 full-height hard drive enclosure
      ancient variac (needs repair)

      not pictured
      non-functioning Zorba portable
      ADM 3 terminal - not functioning
      Monroe Electronic calculator from early 60's - functioning-ish

      I am bringing a lot of technical journals 80-90's to donate to MARCH, if
      not wanted they will be free to whomever wants them.