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  • Dave
    May 16, 2013
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      On 16/05/2013 02:25, Wesley Furr wrote:
      > In doing reading about some of the malware that is out there that I've run
      > across (we're talking Windows systems here), it has been noted that several
      > of the serious ones often use Java as an attack vector. I'm honestly not a
      > Java expert...but presumably it summons the java browser plugin and then
      > takes advantage of it that way...and all that takes is to get them to visit
      > a malware-ridden web page.
      > Again, I'm talking about Windows. To update in Windows, you have to
      > actually click the pop-up in the system tray that says "please update
      > me"...and most average users don't pay any attention to things like that.
      > Then after you click on it, you have to say yes, please install the update.
      You don't. There are three settings:-

      1. As you describe
      2. Download then prompt. This is what I have on mine.
      3. Download and install. Modern windows systems set this by default. For
      most "users" this is sensible. Recent versions set this as a default

      However Java has its own updater which has similar options. These days I
      run with Java disabled in the browser. It doesn't seem to break much...

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