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  • Cory Smelosky
    May 15, 2013
      On Wed, 15 May 2013, Dave McGuire wrote:

      > On 05/15/2013 06:59 PM, Wesley Furr wrote:
      >> I would have to disagree...every foggy morning lately there have been
      >> serious Java flaws revealed...and patches that don't seem to address them
      >> all.
      > Actual external-access security holes IN THE JVM...the JVM which, by
      > the way, doesn't do any network communication unless the program it's
      > running opens a socket...seriously?
      >> That, coupled with an update process that is far from easy or
      >> automatic for the average user, and you've got a serious security hole.
      > It amounts to clicking two buttons on any release of Linux less than
      > maybe five years old. It even tells you when updates are needed. I
      > honestly hope I never meet the dolt for whom this is "far from easy".
      >> It's bad enough that at work we have stopped automatically installing it on
      >> new PC's. Sure, most people may not use applets, but that doesn't mean they
      >> don't have an old version installed in their browser that is riddled with
      >> security holes, waiting on them to visit the wrong web site...
      > Well I have to agree with you there. But people who manage a
      > network-connected system that poorly will get what they've got coming.
      > ;) I don't think Evan falls into that category.

      I GENERALLY don't fit in to that category.

      I DO use dictionary words or a known-compromised password for systems that
      are local where compromise is unlikely, or I really don't care if people
      get in to them/I want them in to it.

      > -Dave
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