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  • s100doctor
    May 14 12:44 PM
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      Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:
      > Very sorry for all the confusion. As I posted on 5/11, "We *may*
      > have extra DECmates and/or Rainbows. To be determined" ... now it
      > appears that answer is "no". We do however have assorted Micro 11s
      > and Vaxstations that probably aren't mission-critical. Do those interest
      > you?

      SOmeone else posted a need for a Vaxstation 3100 power supply. (?) I don't know much about Micro-11 systems.

      > One of the [monitor] screens does need repair. It works, but it's rotted inside...

      Chances are that's a CRT problem that calls for replacement or considerable effort to disassemble the CRT tube itself. Others can discuss off-line what that's about. I'm sure I or others can look at the "screens" during the weekend and assess this and explain what's the deal.

      > I'm hoping to get to the museum tomorrow, with Jeff J.; what's available
      > to sell is a primary question that we will figure out. So I might have a
      > better answer by tomorrow night.

      > [As to what to work on,] There is so much to work
      > on that I do not know the best way to prioritize it.

      Thanks for listing possible on-exhibit items that need attention; and for intentions to list more in a few days. You know, just having items examined on-site this weekend by knowledgeable persons, may help you by identifying specific problems for repair, or additional accessories needed, or identifying replacement parts. Then you can find parts and items, and set informed priorities, after the weekend. So a list of exhibits with problems and needs is a useful start.

      > It would be really nice if people can start looking at some of the other
      > museum minicomputers. Our Wang 2200....Burroughs B80s... the Prime 6550, an Eclipse, and of course the Kagan 8. There's no 220V in there...

      Power is not necessary to evaluate and identify potential problems, or items needed for operation. Don't focus so much on getting things running in 36 hours. (That is not a challenge.)

      > In the homebrew exhibit... Mark-8... Scelbi replica....
      > Mimeo (Apple 1)

      Those seem to be items already set to be worked on, including I presume this weekend. I'll enjoy looking at them.

      > I think you and several others would all like to check out the "Dudley
      > 8" homebrewed PDP-8. Have at it! :)

      Yes, I have an interest.

      > One last comment: yet another side benefit of The Great Storage
      > Organization Project is it's much easier now to walk around the
      > warehouse and see what interests everyone for restoration purposes.
      > Perhaps after the organization project is done (although we haven't
      > touched the stuff in the basement yet), we could/should hold workshops
      > more frequently.

      Well, I'll close with this thought. If you can make the case that more preparation of warehouse storage helps you and others; then I can make the case that more information about what's there (or on exhibit) and what's wrong with it, helps *those interested*, in preparing beforehand for the present, or for workshops (AKA museum repair work) you are suggesting for the future.

      Herb Johnson
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