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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 14, 2013
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      >> You posted something about MARCH/you selling some DEC Rainbows.
      >> MARCH has what appears to be VR201 monitors for these, in some kind
      >> of condition. Why do I ask? I may or may not bring some DEC
      >> desktops including a Rainbow 100. I might *buy* a VR201, I need one
      >> or more. I can likely borrow a VR201 to bring.

      Very sorry for all the confusion. As I posted on 5/11, "We ** may **
      have extra DECmates and/or Rainbows. To be determined" ... now it
      appears that answer is "no". Here's why: after checking out our DEC
      storage carts last weekend, Jeff B. and I found that only have
      three Rainbows total, one of which has some rare modifications according
      to the person who donated it. Thus we should keep those. Regarding the
      small terminals, I think we should keep all of those too, because one
      day we'll set up information kiosks in our expanded museum space, and
      they'd be perfect for that job. We do however have assorted Micro 11s
      and Vaxstations that probably aren't mission-critical. Do those interest

      >> You are posting something about wanting repairs for MARCH, of some
      DEC Rainbows, or their monitors.

      One of the screens does need repair. It works, but it's rotted inside. I
      do not know the technically accurate way to explain that. Brian S.
      (Vaxman) previously said he knows just what to do. But if you or anyone
      else wants to work on it this weekend, that's fine.

      >> I'm sure you are busy, but at some point it would be useful to tell
      >> folks what may be sold by MARCH.

      I'm hoping to get to the museum tomorrow, with Jeff J.; what's available
      to sell is a primary question that we will figure out. So I might have a
      better answer by tomorrow night.

      >> And if you want things worked on, telling people in advance the issues
      >> of those items, will help them decide what parts or items to bring - like me.

      You can probably see that I'm having a difficult time answering that
      question for the many people who asked it. :) There is so much to work
      on that I do not know the best way to prioritize it.

      For example, Jeff B. noted that in our exhibit of business
      microcomputers, several systems could use work -- the Epson HX-20 has
      booting issues (and I'd love to see it actually run Valdocs; we have
      some disks in unknown condiiton); I'm still having disk drive issues
      with the Osborne (it worked for a while, but not the last time I tried
      it); David G. already agreed to check out our Xerox 820 (we'd be giddy
      to see it running a GUI and making use of the Blit).

      Degnan and/or David G. might work on the 11/20 that you cleaned for us.
      First, I'll take care of the foam/rubber inside the chassis -- Deg.
      showed me what to do.

      It would be really nice if people can start looking at some of the other
      museum minicomputers. Our Wang 2200 works, but not its drive unit. We
      have an extra drive unit for it in storage. That room also contains one
      of our two Burroughs B80s, the Prime 6550, an Eclipse, and of course the
      Kagan 8. There's no 220V in there, but there is in the event room -- so
      maybe someone can pick one of those computers and start evaluating it.

      In the homebrew exhibit, people such as Bill Deg. / Corey / Jon C. all
      volunteered to evaluate the Mark-8 (which is insanely clean, plus I have
      the power supply schematic for it, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if
      it's running by the end of the weekend!) ... they're also going to start
      working on the Scelbi replica. Corey already did some minor repairs to
      the Mimeo (Apple 1) by changing a certain capacitor that he thinks was
      causing it to generate random characters; we'll see if that did the
      trick or if it needs a need keyboard encoder chip.

      I think you and several others would all like to check out the "Dudley
      8" homebrewed PDP-8. Have at it! :)

      One last comment: yet another side benefit of The Great Storage
      Organization Project is it's much easier now to walk around the
      warehouse and see what interests everyone for restoration purposes.

      Perhaps after the organization project is done (although we haven't
      touched the stuff in the basement yet), we could/should hold workshops
      more frequently.
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