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30671Re: VCF Fix it weekend

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  • s100doctor
    May 14, 2013
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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey Brace" <ark72axow@...> wrote:
      > I still need a case cracking tool to open up the thing. I know some
      > capacitor fell out, which I saved to
      > find another. Only to lose it. I think Ian Primus said its was a 40
      > microfarad or something. This was 2 or three years ago.

      I will try to bring a long Torx T15 tool. YOu can buy those tools at Sears for under $10 - the shaft is about 6 inches long. Separating the case is a little challenging but it's all technique. *Do not do not do not* pry them apart with a screwdriver.

      SE/30's are documented at places around the Web. YOu may find a clear photo which shows the board, look for the cap on that photo. Or provide a CLEAR photo and point to the area of the missing part, and I'll identify the cap from one of my boards. Or someone else can do that, on the various Mac SE/30 discussion groups. I'll offer to help you offline to identify the part. Contact me c/o my retrotechnology.com Web site.

      I'm already overloaded on things to bring and do for the weekend. I can't commit to bring an SE/30 or board, or solder the cap or bring such parts; I could photograph yours on-site at MARCH. It's not unlikely that MARCH has an SE/30 in its archives. It's a decent machine that has a following today.

      Hope this helps.

      herb johnson
      as above
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