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30622MARCHins ... get ready for influx of newb questions...

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 13, 2013
      Remember a while back I was quoted by Bankrate.com about computer as collectibles? And then they wrote all kinds of crazy stuff? Turns out that story found its way to MSN this week. Ergo I'm getting a bunch of emails about "What's my XXX worth" ... A predictable cycle... One person emailed me (not the same person who posted on-list this morning) and said:

      "Noticed that you had made a comment about Macintosh/Apple computers. I have one of the first models but I am not sure what year it was
      out on the market but my guess from doing research on the net that it is a 1993 computer."

      Hey, they were only off in their research by 17 years. :)
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