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30613Re: [midatlanticretro] VCF Fix it weekend

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  • David Riley
    May 13, 2013
      On May 13, 2013, at 12:52 AM, "Jeffrey Brace" <ark72axow@...> wrote:

      > I was considering bringing another C64 to fix again, and more likely
      > bringing a 1541 to fix. But it seems that everyone is getting bored with my
      > interest in Commodore 64s. But that is the one computer I have the most
      > knowledge about. I have had zero time to work on them since the last
      > workshop. Mostly because of a long work schedule and because I spend my
      > Sundays helping out M.A.R.C.H. in the warehouse and in the museum. I am far
      > from an expert in repairing these C64. And still not sure of the best way to
      > approach diagnosis, repair or tools. I have a few repair books for C64 that
      > I have yet to find the time to look at. Everyone seems to have a different
      > way. But let's not rehash this as it has been discussed in threads before.
      > So how about trying to fix my Macintosh SE/30? I still need a case cracking
      > tool to open up the thing. I know some capacitor fell out, which I saved to
      > find another. Only to lose it. I think Ian Primus said its was a 40
      > microfarad or something. This was 2 or three years ago. I just wouldn't
      > have any idea where to begin fixing this thing.
      > Anyway, each time I learn something new from these workshops. Hopefully I
      > can learn something more this time. I will bring whatever meager tools that
      > I have and hope that someone there can help me.

      I'll be glad to bring my extended Torx bits (I have a 20 and a 25, one
      of which is the right one for opening most compact Macs). I'll also
      bring my iFixit toolkit, which has a wonderful assortment of security
      bits, metal and plastic case opening tools, etc. I won't be there
      until Sunday, but anyone is welcome to use those.

      I'm interested in fixing both the C64 and the SE/30 as well; if time
      permits, I'll be glad to take a look. I also have a parts bin with
      quite a few parts in it; if you determine what kind of caps you need
      (40 uF still covers quite a lot of ground as far as type, size,
      orientation and working voltage), I'll be glad to bring some if I have
      them and you're able to determine the problem before Sunday.

      - Dave
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