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30597If anyone wants some Sol-20 recreations cosmetic parts...

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  • corey986
    May 12, 2013
      If your coming to the repair session next saturday let me know by thursday. I can get some recreations of the logo strip (tell me which one you have, the one with the big P or that just says processor technology) and I also can get recreations of the port decal sticker on the back. The logo strip costs about $10 and the port sticker $5

      I do want to thank Evan for lending me the cover to one of the SOL-20's from MARCH so I could scan it in and get the port sticker reproduced, my sol was missing the sticker.

      If your not local or want to get it reproduced yourself (who knows maybe you can get it done cheaper) I have the art work and can mail it to you. It's rather large.