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30582Re: Equipment for next weekend

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  • corey986
    May 12 3:46 AM
      Funny I was just thinking about what tools should we bring.

      We have spare oscilloscopes we can borrow from the hackerspace. However people may want to bring their own that they are familiar with.

      We may be able to borrow some temperature controlled irons from the hackerspace, I will also bring a good digital weller.

      I will be bringing the Gold Plater with some 18k solution for fingers
      I will NOT be bringing my desoldering station, I need to order a new tip and don't want to be responsible for people scratching or messing anything up.

      I will be bringing a container and supplies to mix retrobrite.
      I will be bringing my Blue ESR meter to test caps in circuit if anyone needs it.
      I will be bringing an RS232 breakout box to help interface the tape punches from MARCH I want to fix.

      I will bring a 1702a programmer if anyone needs.
      I will bring my working facit tape punch if anyone needs paper tapes made.

      I will be bringing both sol-20 and altair blue touchup paint and supplies to use it if anyone needs. I may bring some early Apple II touchup paint.

      I will be bringing Sol-20 wood stain that matches what was originally used. If you take your sides off it takes about 10 minutes to sand with 400 grit paper and about 5 minutes to restain.

      I live about 20 minutes away so if we do need anything I'm going home Saturday night and can bring it back on Sunday.

      See who ever is coming next week,

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, tedheadster <whiteheadm@...> wrote:
      > Does anybody have 50 and 40 pin ribbon cables? I'm looking for a few short
      > ones, to connect Unibus/Q-Bus boards together (UDA50, KDA50, and DEUNA). I
      > got the boards off Ebay, but of course they lack the connecting cables.
      > I think a standard SCSI cable will work for the 50 pin, but 40 pin IDE
      > cables usually have one lead missing to make sure you don't plug them in
      > backwards.
      > Alternately, anybody know how to make ribbon cables? Is there a tool, or do
      > you just squeeze them together?
      > - Matthew
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