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30574Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: What's "portable"

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 11, 2013
      >> I would suspect you're probably being a perfectionist about it.

      No other way is acceptable to me.

      >> How many pages do you have so far? How fleshed out is it?

      The initial manuscript is about 75% done.

      >> What's missing?

      Oh man. I have to do tons and tons of rewriting and self-editing. What I have currently is information. I have to put a lot of work into making it into a story.

      >> Have you recently sought feedback about your manuscript as it currently stands?

      Yes, from selected historians and writers whom I deeply trust. I've only shown tiny parts to general readers. It's not ready.

      >> We need the first MARCH-Press book to come out already!

      I hope to publish this someplace mainstream, but it will probably go through a university press. I've had initial conversations with MIT and Rutgers.

      I'm already thinking about ideas for my next book! It would be a new twist (which I can't yet reveal, lest someone swipe the idea) on the established story of the homebrew computing generation.
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