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30552Swap THread

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  • B. Degnan
    May 10, 2013
      > I have TRS-80 model III parts.
      > An HP 98xx (forget the exact model).
      > A couple of clone XTs.
      > and for the OTish crowd:
      > A complete PS/2 Model 30 of some ilk.
      > I have shelves full of various disk drives from floppy drives up to 50 GB
      SCSI drives if anyone needs them. IDE drives from 100MEG to 40Gig.
      > Kelly

      I plan to bring to swap

      2 Mattel Aquarius systems with the stuff that goes with them
      3 8" disk drives, believe they are SA 800's. (or similar)
      "plus much more!" "powers up!"
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