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30529Re: [midatlanticretro] Anyone have a Northstar DOS 5 1/4 boot disk for a Sol or Cutter setup

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    May 8 8:26 PM
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      On Wed, 08 May 2013 23:24:51 -0000
      corey986 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > I need a copy or does anyone know how I can bootstrap my Sol-20 with the northstar controller over serial and make a disk? I know if I had an actual Northstar system I know you can do that.

      1. Make sure your serial I/O works in 8 bit ASCII mode
      2. Get a serial ROM monitor going (Dave Dunfield's ROM-only monitor is a good choice)
      3. Ensure the ROM monitor works over your serial port
      4. Use Dave Dunfield's NST (North Star Transfer) to move his initial image into memory
      5. Write a vanilla copy of North Star DOS onto floppy, then boot it
      6. Use a monitor (the one for the transfer works) to patch the I/O
      7. Jump into the patched code, if it works you get the * prompt and write the disk out

      Steps 1-5 get you a vanilla copy of North Star DOS on a physical disk. Steps 6-7 are described in detail in the North Star DOS manual. You can skip steps 1-5 if you have a known-good controller and copy of North Star DOS. You need a way to break out of the booted OS and get into your monitor.

      Alternately, use an existing system with the North Star single-density controller (the jury is still out, but it looks like the DD controller won't work) to make the modifications to an existing disk. This could also be done in an emulator.

      > Best case would be If someone can make me a boot disk compatible with the Sol I can send you a hard sector 5 1/4 disk.

      If you'd like I can probably do this for you. I don't have a SOL-20 but the I/O routines can't be too complex. Alternately, I can bring an S-100 system with my patched copy of North Star DOS and write out a new disk with the I/O patches you need for the SOL-20 at the May event.

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