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30514Possible CDC 9747 drive for trade

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  • Brian Roth
    May 8 3:32 PM
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       I just acquired a Control Data 9747 removable pack drive. I am almost 100% sure this drive has never been used. It is still in its shipping box but off its pallet so it can be wheeled around. Its a monster that takes 11 disk platter packs. I have 1 pack for it. From what I have found I think it is around 74 vintage? The platter well is not marked at all and the insides are beautiful. The foam has disintegrated though on the panels.

      I just do not think I want to mess with the 3 phase power to run it. If I can make a nice trade for something like a RA60 or RK07 in a lowboy rack and a couple of packs, maybe an HSC with a rack of RA drives, I might trade it. If not, it'll look cool sitting next to the 11/780 anyway. If nobody here is interested I'll check with classiccmp. Its in the western NY area.

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