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30390Identifying some things

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  • Kyle Owen
    May 1, 2013
      I came across a Unibus card for a PDP-8/E, though I don't know its purpose. My online searches have resulted in no (even close) matches. The handles on the card say Y006, and the card itself says "G101 Display Bd. for PDP 8E" on the solder side. Judging from the empty sockets and two sets of three pads with no components populated (yet with remnants of solder on the pads), I'd say this card is missing some things. I have a feeling there were two ten-turn pots on the board judging from the placement of those pads. Any ideas? I'm not (yet) a DEC collector, but I hope to be soon.

      Secondly, I found a mechanical analog computer that belongs to the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at my university. Any ideas as to what it is, exactly? It seems to have been partially parted out, but most of it still remains. Part of the case is missing, and some screws/nuts also seem to be absent. I think I also spotted some cut wires. I couldn't really dig up any further info on what its purpose was.

      I uploaded an album here: http://imgur.com/a/d0iCD


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