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30379Re: [midatlanticretro] Thinking ahead: NYC Maker Faire in September

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  • Dan Roganti
    Apr 30, 2013

      On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 12:22 AM, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:
      One idea: we could set up a live BBS with multiple dial-in stations, all
      running on vintage hardware, and MARCH members will explain to people
      how to use it and how it works. Call the exhibit "Ancient Cloud".

      That sounds like a good plan. If you want the ancient cloud, I think a more accurate view would be a reboot of Compuserve. Someone did the same for Q-Link already, but I think it's only the Commodore version -- I'm not sure if you can logon with a Apple, Atari, etc.  - not sure if someone did have one for Compuserve yet. Don't get me wrong, the BBS had its place, but seriously, Compuserve and others were spearheading the online community further ahead than the BBS. Even though it had it slow start in the late 70s, the user base exploded during the 80s. About half of my time was spent on there along with BBS. But it helped having a job to pay there exorbitant fee. And then there was Gopher.


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