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30371Re: [midatlanticretro] Museum report

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 29, 2013
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      >> It seems that most Sundays it's just you and me. Sorry I couldn’t help, I was
      > working Sunday. Usually Sunday is my day off. I will be there next Sunday
      > even though I will have worked two weeks straight without a day off.

      I think you meant for this message to be private. But I'm responding in
      public: everyone else should see your dedication.

      >> How much more work needs to be done? What I mean is that with you and me,
      > how many weeks will it take to prepare everything for moving?

      Difficult to say. I think the vast majority of the obvious stuff is
      already sorted -- we've got Amigas on this storage cart, Sun gear on
      that forklift pallet, VAXen in racks along a wall, you know? Most of
      what's left are one-off items and boxes (upon boxes, upon boxes, upon
      boxes) of miscellaneous "stuff".

      Yesterday, rather than sorting all the contents of a large pile of
      miscellaneous boxes of stuff, we just put those boxes onto a pallet. At
      least now they're in one place for organizing some other time. (We also
      did minimal consolidation of a few half-used boxes.) But there are many
      more. One reason it's tough to assess is because it's all spread around
      the room.
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