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30368[midatlanticretro] Museum report

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Apr 29, 2013
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      From: Evan Koblentz
      Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 6:34 PM

      >Steve A. helped me in the warehouse today. We sorted HP equipment (long
      >overdue), hard drives (CDC, Prime, etc.), and all kinds of miscellaneous
      >boxes. Only a few museum visitors today.

      That's great that someone who is not the usual helper came to assist you! It
      seems that most Sundays it's just you and me. Sorry I couldn’t help, I was
      working Sunday. Usually Sunday is my day off. I will be there next Sunday
      even though I will have worked two weeks straight without a day off.

      >Fred says the Sandy relief volunteers aren't moving in until July, but will
      >start setting up next week.

      How much more work needs to be done? What I mean is that with you and me,
      how many weeks will it take to prepare everything for moving?

      Jeff B
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