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30289Re: [midatlanticretro] More info on the latest TV prop deal -- show identified!

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  • Neil Cherry
    Apr 24 5:38 AM
      On 04/24/2013 08:15 AM, Wesley Furr wrote:
      > "As a note, the series' unusual name is derived from a term for a computing
      > code specifically designed to destroy a machine's CPU."
      > Really? Never heard of such a thing! That alone doesn't bode well in my
      > mind... Unless of course there actually was at some point in history a
      > machine that could be physically damaged by code alone...in which case, I
      > sit corrected.
      > But...they still have my attention! Will be interesting to see how it
      > goes...

      Kids! ;-) (if the above is sarcasm, my apologies).


      It's a native op code on the Moto 6800/6809. It simply exercises the address
      bus (as I recall).

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