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  • Mike Ross
    Apr 5 6:49 PM
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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...>
      > * dragging a bunch of it to VCF East.
      > Assuming it fits through the door to the building!
      > Mike, you still need to send me the measurements of the largest
      single part.
      > No kidding. I'm very encouraged by the four-foot-wide door they're
      > installing down at InfoAge which will lead directly into our
      exhibits area
      > (no hallways), but there will still be some stairs in front of
      that. So
      > hopefully your rental truck has one of those pull-out ramps, in
      which case
      > you should be fine. Or, ideally, your gear would fit through a
      > 34-inch door, in which case you can use our standard loading ramp.

      Eeeeek. Yer right. Sorry.

      The biggest lump I *might* bring is the IBM 1800. 60" long, 33 1/2"
      wide, 77" high, weighs about... your guess is as good as mine.
      2000lb? Possibly more?

      The biggest lump I *will* bring is the System/38. 70" long, 29" wide,
      48" high, weighs about... 1000lb?

      If you want to test the route, I suggest you get a standard-size
      door, and use it as a life-size template - try to carry it *flat and
      horizontal* from the dock to the exhibit area. If the door makes it,
      my gear should. If it gets stuck in a bend, my exhibits probably will

      Needless to say, none of this equipment goes up stairs or ramps -
      unless the ramps are *exceptionally* gentle in slope! Basically, it
      rolls on the level, with two or three strong bodies shoving it.

      It would help if I could see photos of your loading dock, and route
      from there to the exhibit area. Pull-out ramps? Fah! I wouldn't dream
      of putting heavy IBM metal on a pull-out ramp - the result would be a
      large bang, and a bent or broken ramp. Besides, the pull-out ramps
      are far too narrow. I unload at dock level, or with a liftgate.


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