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30230Re: Museum report -- help us!!!

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  • gsteemso
    Apr 20, 2013
      On Sat, April 20, 2013 6:49 am, "Evan Koblentz" evan@... wrote:
      > MARCH currently has 54 shelving units in our warehouse, and they're all
      > full! (There are four more shelving units being used to display artifacts
      > in the museum exhibit rooms.)
      > I estimate that we're 3/4 finished with The Great Organization Project.

      This is very impressive indeed! I sometimes have trouble keeping track of
      my own collection and it only fills two shelving units. Go MARCHins!

      > With more than 350 people on this list, it would be nice if more people
      > show up to help. :( Jeff B. and I have each literally hurt our backs and
      > needed to see doctors in the past year because of all the hard work we're
      > doing -- and yet we keep doing it because we are devoted.

      Your participation rates are not quite so dire as they appear. While I'd
      volunteer about once a month if I were able, it is a moot point because I
      live 3000 miles to the west of you. I've seen introductory posts from
      several other far-flung members in the year or two I've been on this list,
      so at a guess maybe 50 of those 350 aren't really an option to start with.
      Granted, that still leaves around 295 out of 300 who are… not so helpful
      as everyone might wish?

      A handful of you may remember my posts around May 2011 concerning the
      founding of the Seattle Retro-Computing Society. It's been a great
      success, but I think part of that is because the only commitment people
      need to put in is the travel time to get to the meetings. (We have
      attendees from up to 4 hours away at most meetings, and occasionally even
      further, such as a friend who recently flew up from San Diego on his day
      off.) I'm sure our participation rates would be far below yours if we had
      large amounts of work that needed doing, as MARCH does.

      I wish you all possible luck scaring up some more help,

      Gordon "gsteemso" Steemson

      The world’s only gsteemso
      Seattle Retro-Computing Society agitator-in-chief
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