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30229Museum report -- help us!!!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 19, 2013
      Me, Jeff J, and Don C. spent nearly all day working in the storage warehouse.

      We organized hardware from DEC, Sun, HP, and IBM, among other things. We also organized more boxes of books, and we have a good plan for what to do when the next batch of shelving arrives (should be any day now). We are ready to make a third unit for DEC items, a second unit for UNIVAC parts, an umpteenth for books, etc. ... we're going to keep doing this project as long as funds and time allow.

      MARCH currently has 54 shelving units in our warehouse, and they're all full! (There are four more shelving units being used to display artifacts in the museum exhibit rooms.)

      I estimate that we're 3/4 finished with The Great Organization Project.

      Remember, even if YOU can't help us by showing up and schlepping, you can STILL help us by donating funds. The shelving that we buy is about $100 per unit. So every $25, $50, or $100 makes a big difference.

      We also took a couple of hours today to help Fred and Steve with an InfoAge project.

      After leaving the museum around 6:30, Jeff and I headed to nearby Brookdale Community College, where I gave a lecture to their user group about the history of computing in New Jersey. I was allotted one hour; instead I talked for 90 minutes. :) Afterward the group's leader said it exceeded his expectations. On the way home, he sent me a thank-you email and wrote, "Your material and your timing were both excellent. I think you set a record. No one walked out and I didn’t see anyone sleeping." (Jeff pointed out that one person of the 40-ish in attendance did leave early, but gave his apology for doing so.)

      After the talk, one person offered us a variety of additional IBM 1130 documentation, and several people asked for more information about our museum.

      I'll be back in the warehouse this Sunday, this time with Jeff B.; what time of day is to be determined.

      With more than 350 people on this list, it would be nice if more people show up to help. :( Jeff B. and I have each literally hurt our backs and needed to see doctors in the past year because of all the hard work we're doing -- and yet we keep doing it because we are devoted.
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