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30197another wonderful donation and a mystery solved

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Apr 16, 2013
      William F. Dudley Jr. donated another wonderful box
      of homebrew parts to MARCH:
      a new unused Intersil 6100 eval kit,
      several PHI-deck digital cassettes
      (2 in the original blue eval cases),
      spare memory cards and schematics.
      The intention was to build a PDP8
      using the 6100 chips and the PHI decks
      emulating DECtapes to run OS8
      and all the PDP8 software.
      Each memory card is 4k of 12 bit DRAM,
      8 max per system.

      They're all spare parts for the PDP8 he built.
      That's the "mystery machine" from a few weeks ago,
      so MARCH now has a homebrew PDP8!

      Bill Dudley identified the "mystery machine" as his.
      The flip-chip backplane was a clue
      that it is DEC compatible!

      > That's it. PDP-8 using the 6100 chip set.
      > Oh, and the LEDs are actually HP dot matrix LEDs
      > with builtin counter/decoder/driver/LED.
      > Quite high-tech for 1976.
      > If it's got that "flip-chip" bus, a baby blue front panel,
      > thumb wheels, and those same memory cards, then that's it.
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