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30144RE: [midatlanticretro] Hard drive "cloning" options

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  • Kelly D. Leavitt
    Apr 11, 2013
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      Glitch Wrote:

      > If the 1000RL has an IDE slot, you can plug an XT-IDE board into it. I use
      > all of my XT-IDE controllers with DOMs:
      > http://glitchwrks.com/2010/12/16/XTIDE/
      > Andrew Lynch should have some leftovers from the most recent run of XT-IDE
      > boards if you'd like to build one. If you don't want to build one yourself,
      > I do offer them assembled + tested.

      The RL is a strange beastie. It does have 1 8 bit slot, it also has a built in XT mode IDE controller that I think can't be disabled. This interface only works with one drive. The ST-351-A/X in XT mode.

      If you want to use the XT-IDE you may have to upgrade the memory to 768K. If not, the XT-IDE conflicts with the way the RL (and most 1000 series) handles CGA. The CGA memory is part of DOS memory. It does not have dedicated video RAM.

      I don't know if the newer XT-IDE boards or BIOS get around this, but that is what I had to do to make the XT-IDE work in mine.

      The memory upgrade is inexpensive and easy. 4 256kx4 DRAMS from Jameco or your junk pile.

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