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30105Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: RCA COSMAC Microkit

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Apr 5, 2013
      Bill, do you remember talking about the MicroKit 1 in 2009?
      Look at message #14763 when you corresponded with Joyce Wiesbecker about it on
      this forum.
      I think your subconscious mind kicked in and made you buy this.

      Begin Quote
      " You're right about the Microkit 1. It was RCA's hardware development kit
      targeted at design engineers looking to embed a microprocessor into their
      equipment. I never even saw one of them, only read the product brochure,
      because - Man!!! - that thing cost thousands of dollars, and RCA made its
      employees buy those kits at full price! That was an RCA Somerville project, so
      my father had no input. My father was building the prototypes (in our basement)
      for all the other computers I mentioned, and his group at the Sarnoff Labs was
      developing those models, so he got to bring home one of each of the final
      production models. (Yes, every aspect of the 1802 - microprocessor, computers,
      videogame, and kits - was a skunkworks project.)

      You really have a collectible in that Microkit 1, Bill. It was the
      predecessor to the VIP. Dad pitched the VIP as a cheaper, more accessible (and
      therefore better selling tool to OEMs) than the Microkit 1. But it was also the
      only way he could get RCA to offer a hobbyist computer since management was dead
      set against the idea :). Between the limited production run, the high cost, and
      the fact that most of them were the property of the employer, not the engineer,
      your Microkit 1 is probably one of the rarest production model computers still
      around. (Even I had forgotten it existed until you mentioned it!)
      Congratulations on your rare treasure!

      End Quote.

      Bill Drom
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      > Mike,
      >> That is really cool. Are you going to try to get it going? Do you have
      > any software?
      > Just got it, I have not even tested the power yet. .. I have this Scelbi
      > kit to get started first!
      >> The group of us folks working on SCELBI's are very lucky in that SCELBI
      > consulting published most of their software in book form. SCELBAL BASIC
      > has been digitized a few years back, and I'm working on digitizing and
      > running some of their other published programs on reproduction hardware.
      > It's been a real trip. We think that some of this stuff hasn't been run on
      > physical hardware (or otherwise) in 25 or more years.
      > Basically I picked this COSMAC up because it was now or never. What to do
      > and when to do it to be determined. I will be bringing both the Scelbi and
      > the COSMAC to the MARCH open house most likely.
      > Bill
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