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30096RCA COSMAC Microkit

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  • B. Degnan
    Apr 4, 2013
      I am not one to exaggerate but I really think this is a big deal find and I
      am thrilled about this original RCA COSMAC Microkit that arrived safe and
      sound today. Quite historic.

      I have uploaded a set of images of the new-to-me COSMAC Microkit. It has
      an SSTC processor card (later renamed the 1801, which is the 2-chip version
      of the subsequent 1802 of ELF fame). You can see from the various date
      codes that the chips are from mid 1974-early 1975. RAM is 2102.

      A find like this is the kind of stuff that makes this hobby rewarding to
      me, discovering a new historical relic of the earliest microcomputers which
      had until now been previously undocumented. Although of course 10 more
      will show up because that's how the world works ... but that's not
      important... however as of this writing no other Microkits have been
      documented on the web other than the article I scanned and posted on my
      site in 2009..Given there's a ROM card, RAM, and an I/O card, this appears
      to be a full 3K computer.

      Funny I was just saying at the TCF to Bill Dromg. that I did not want to
      dive into the 1802 processor because I was too busy, famous last words.

      NOTE - The Kit was produced in Florida apparently and not N.J.!


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