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3008Re: [midatlanticretro] Some photos uploaded / important club update

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  • Jim Scheef
    Apr 2, 2006

      Why not put photos in the photo section? It makes them so much easier to view
      with the nice thumbnails...


      --- Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      > I put six photos from this weekend into the files section of our Yahoo
      > group
      > (photos taken by Mark Dodel, who is our OS/2 expert. Mark brought with him
      > an entire OS/2 collection. The collection will reside at our museum except
      > for when he takes part of it on tour for the Warpstock event a few times
      > each year.)
      > The photos contain:
      > - Me and Andy with Mr. Grabbe
      > - The five esteemed (ha!) leaders: Jim, Andy, Bill, John, me (wishing that
      > I
      > had more hair and / or were taller!)
      > - Part of Frank O'Brien's Apollo display in the adjacent museum room
      > - Jim and John admiring Bill's Commodore posters while I'm caught off-guard
      > by the camera
      > - Half of one wall of our room, showing the display case loaned to us by
      > NJARC. On top are my Grid Compass 1101 and Epson HX-20, inside are a
      > Comodore 64, Atari 400, my //c, and a Mac, with a Tektronix 'scope on the
      > right side. The C-64, 400, Mac, and 'scope are from the club/Grabbe
      > collection.
      > - A picture of the ceremony in which the Army officially gives InfoAge the
      > facility and even a symbolic fake "key" to the place (even though
      > volunteers
      > have been working here for several years already!) ... From L > R are Mike
      > Ruance, chairman of InfoAge's board; Fred Carl, the CEO/prez and our main
      > point man for everything InfoAge; the mayor of Wall Township (she's sitting
      > behind Fred), Bob Judge, of the model railroad group and a long-time
      > volunteer; a state-level politician; and an Army guy.
      > The best part of the event yesterday was seeing the reactions from local
      > townspeople (mostly senior citizens but a handful of younger people and
      > also
      > children.) No one seemed too impressed at our demo back in August last
      > year, but I guess we did a better job this time. Many people seemed very
      > impressed this time with our display and even moreso when we told them
      > "we're making a whole museum here" ... Several people also volunteered to
      > give us their old computers and to pass on word of our VCF to all their
      > nerdy friends. After the event finished, 14 or 15 people went to dinner
      > (paid for by InfoAge) which was a nice opportunity to get to know the other
      > club's leaders in a non-work environment.
      > Now that April 1 is past, we can concentrate on VCF; the upcoming Trenton
      > show will be very simple for us.
      > Post-VCF, we'll re-examine the "What now?" question. By then our club will
      > basically be settled as an organization -- with logistical experience,
      > hopefully some monetary savings, and a museum well underway. And since the
      > weather will be warm for at least another five months post-VCF, I'm
      > thinking
      > it's road trip time! We should organize informal get-togethers in places
      > beside InfoAge, as has been the call for a while. So we can plan things
      > for
      > the NY/CT area, the MD/VA/DC area, and the central PA area (hello lonely
      > Dan
      > in Pittsburgh!) ... I'd also like to plan that Boston road trip which we
      > discussed last year. We should also devise a solid plan for how we'll
      > organize the InfoAge museum -- let's start thinking about how we might
      > organize the collections into themed sections, and then we can make some
      > committees in charge of each section.
      > One more thing: this isn't final yet, but Jim and Bill and I (a while ago)
      > discussed how we will keep track of official members. What I think we'll
      > do
      > is make a quarterly payment schedule. So anyone who joins in Jan-March
      > pays
      > $20, Apri-June = 15, July-Sept. = 10, and Oct.-Dec. 5. That way won't
      > have
      > to keep track of when everyone's year is done. We'll just put out a fresh
      > call for money starting in late December or so. Consider MARCH part of
      > your
      > holiday gift-giving budget! Ideally this will remain as a mere suggested
      > donation on our part, sort of like PBS or (more appropriately considering
      > the audience) shareware -- "If you like what you get here, then please help
      > us pay for it." We are not requiring dues per se, but we'll continue to
      > offer perks whenever possible to those who donate. That seems like a good
      > and fair way to run this club in my opinion.
      > - Evan
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