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3007Club tri-fold

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  • Jim Scheef
    Apr 2, 2006

      That's an excellent idea. It should be fairly easy to turn Evan's FAQ into an
      info brochure. Word or any desktop publishing program has the needed


      --- madodel <madodel@...> wrote:

      > Evan Koblentz wrote:
      > > One more thing: this isn't final yet, but Jim and Bill and I (a while
      > ago)
      > > discussed how we will keep track of official members. What I think we'll
      > do
      > > is make a quarterly payment schedule. So anyone who joins in Jan-March
      > pays
      > > $20, Apri-June = 15, July-Sept. = 10, and Oct.-Dec. 5. That way won't
      > have
      > > to keep track of when everyone's year is done. We'll just put out a
      > fresh
      > > call for money starting in late December or so. Consider MARCH part of
      > your
      > > holiday gift-giving budget! Ideally this will remain as a mere suggested
      > > donation on our part, sort of like PBS or (more appropriately considering
      > > the audience) shareware -- "If you like what you get here, then please
      > help
      > > us pay for it." We are not requiring dues per se, but we'll continue to
      > > offer perks whenever possible to those who donate. That seems like a
      > good
      > > and fair way to run this club in my opinion.
      > One thing I noticed wandering around the facility was that many of the
      > other groups (like the railroaders and the radioguys) had a 3 panel
      > pamphlet with information about themselves and why/how to join. March
      > should consider making one as well. They seemed to be very similar so
      > maybe InfoAge has a template for this. I know March had the single handout
      > sheet but the tri-fold could be placed with all the others in the main
      > lobby.
      > Mark
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