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30018Re: [midatlanticretro] Museum change

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  • Dave
    Apr 1, 2013

      I recently had a discussion with one of the Senior Managers at MOSI
      (www.mosi.org.uk) about "installations" in the Museum. So things that
      "interact" with the visitor. He made the point that and it kind of stuck
      in my head, that as well as telling a logical and consist ant story, ,
      that when the average visitor sees an "installation" it should make some
      kind of obvious "promise of reward" to the visitor. So when they see an
      object, they have an instant expectation it will deliver something, and
      that we needed to consider what that was...

      I hope this helps ...


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      >I was thinking that our museum exhibits really need to focus more on
      >what the general public values and less on what just we geeks value.
      >So, we should start by rebuilding the consumer micro exhibit. Let's
      >focus a lot more on Apple, and remove all the other 8-bit stuff.
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