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30Re: [midatlanticretro] Still another TCF update

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  • evan
    Jan 24, 2005
      No we have to use solar. And it's going to be very dark in the room. :)

      There will be lots of power, they've assured me of this. They understand that
      unlike most people at the show, our systems are worth more and are harder to
      fix, in the event of a power failure and/or spike. But let me know if you (or
      anyone else) need any special requirements met.

      --- ahm <ahm@...> wrote:

      > Evan,
      > > -- Getting about a dozen tables, or more if we need them, is also no
      > > problem. The tables are 2x8 ft. and we'll get a layout ahead of time.
      > This is probably an obvious question, but...
      > Will there be AC power available at these tables?
      > Thanks,
      > Andy
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