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29950Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Altair / Fool on the Hill question

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  • Mr Ian Primus
    Mar 29, 2013
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      --- On Fri, 3/29/13, joshbensadon <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > > > the AM Radio antenna is based on a ferret stick,
      > >
      > >   Ferrite
      > >
      > Well, it could be a Ferret, but I guess the little critter
      > would likely run away.

      Hehehehe. I don't know, it might be patient. Ferrets like music, but I'm not so sure they like RFI. Still, I can't imagine that wire wound around a ferret would make a very good antenna.

      > Here, I will yield to your experience.  I have never
      > played with RFI Computer Music.  Does the interference
      > depend on where you tune your radio?  If you are far
      > away from your computer, does tuning your radio help bring
      > in the signal?  I'm sure there's lots to read about the
      > subject, but playing is more fun.

      It seems to work the best, further down on the dial, but "tuning" isn't really the word for it. The computer kind of splatters the whole band, so, really, you're trying to tune OUT all the other "interference", (like those pesky radio stations) so you can find a clear spot where the computer is stronger.

      Honestly, it works pretty well, all things considered. As long as the radio is *close* to the computer, and the cover is off, it works incredibly well. You don't have to go stuffing the radio inside the machine, or doing anything fancy. Yes, you can figure out exactly at which frequencies on the radio the signal should be strongest, and mess with directionality of antennas, or ferrets, but you don't have to. Just put the radio next to the computer and fiddle with the knobs until you hear the music. The Altair is an RF sieve. When I tried it, I could even hear the computer music on the FM band in spots (it was faint, and in the background, but there).

      John even videotaped it when we got the program working on my machine:

      So, yeah. RF music on S100 boxes works quite well. It really isn't that hard to do. At TCF, Corey entered the program into his system, and we put a random old AA5 radio I'd bought at the flea market area for a few bucks next to it, and it worked there too. We just set the radio next to the computer, with it's cover off, and had lovely RF noise/music playing loud and clear.

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