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29946Re: [midatlanticretro] desoldering station advice

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  • telmnstr
    Mar 29, 2013
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      > How well does that do the job for putting the BGAs down? I've been
      > thinking about getting one of those for BGA work (soldering, not
      > reballing). Lots of video tutorials out there featuring those hot
      > air reflow stations.

      I assume pretty good. He has a few frame things, and is doing the whole
      XBox 360 repair. He's building his own pile of them for use at a video
      game convention.

      As I recall he uses a frame to keep the board from warping, brings the
      whole board up to a specific temperature slowly, then uses a shield around
      other components and the hot air setup to extract the BGA chips. Cleans
      them up, lays down new paste with a stencil then brings it up to
      temperature again. I think that is the process.

      Another friend jsut did the whole toaster oven setup for doing SMDs. I've
      got a few uses for it in mind. He has a computer controller on it with a
      thermocouple and all that. Arduino based controller I think.
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