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29944RE: [midatlanticretro] desoldering station advice

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  • telmnstr
    Mar 29, 2013
      > I have a Pace digital soldering station that I do love. Until the
      > other day, I was holding out for a Pace desoldering station. If I had
      > to do a whole lot of desoldering, I think I still might get a Pace but
      > I think the 808 will be a useful addition to my toolkit for odds and
      > ends work.

      I have to admit these cheap chinese tools are killing it. My weller can't
      get as hot as the $80 digital chinese soldering stations that my friends
      have, which becomes a problem with RoHS electronics and what not.

      Also a friend of mine picked up the chinese hot air reflow and is doing
      BGA reballs for fun.

      (To keep it on topic, I sent an email to the person that made the IDE CF
      S100 card and am hoping to hear that there are more boards out there. I
      plan to build one as a temporary hold out in place of my hard sectored
      IMSAI Northstar drive.)
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