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29917Kirk IMP-16 Homebrew System

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  • B. Degnan
    Mar 28, 2013

      The Kirk estate donated this IMP-16 homebrew computer and it's in MARCH.

      The photos were from my phone, so they're not as clear as a regular camera.
      I also don't have a photo of the 16-bit IMP-16, nor the ROM card with two
      of three 2708 slots filled. The two RAMs are full of 2102's. Based on the
      dates of many chips the system appears to have been built in 1978 or 1979.

      Note the pic containing a view of the MARCH inventory on new shelving
      units. Evan, Jeff, Elise, and Jeff, and everyone else - great job getting
      our inventory organized. Its great to see.

      I took home the Mark 8 replica, let me know if anyone here'd like to get
      together to build it at my place and/or InfoAge

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