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29914Today's warehouse update

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 27, 2013
      Jeff Jonas and I worked in the storage warehouse from 10am-2pm and then
      from 3pm-6pm today. For the first 90 minutes we were assisted by a new
      InfoAge volunteer. Bill Deg. arrived at 6 after his business meeting and
      we three went to dinner.

      I can't list * everything * that Jeff and I worked on today because we
      were all over the warehouse .... we organized IBM 1130 stuff, various
      books/manuals, the club's collection of misc. parts/supplies, some S100
      stuff, and a little bit of many different things.

      Today's highlight: among items from the Tom Kirk estate, we found a
      "mystery computer" -- a truly home-built microcomputer with an IMP-16
      processor. Bill took pictures and we'll ask Tom's former business
      partner Roger Amidon to interpret it for us.
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