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29904Re: [midatlanticretro] How do I make boot floopy? IMSAI + Northstar + CP/M?

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  • Systems Glitch
    Mar 27, 2013
      > As he pointed out, this is not good news.

      Not the best news for CP/M, but not bad news in general! The single-density controllers seem to be very robust.

      > If I asked on the Vintage computer forum, I suppose I might be able to
      > find someone willing to sell a copy of the boot floppy? That would get me
      > the ability to boot the thing and make backup copies, then redirect serial
      > to file.

      Negative. No one there seems to have a working single-density controller and/or single-density disks. I still haven't figured out for sure if the double-density controller can read/write single-density. Bill Degnan made a copy of what he'd been told was a single-density master disk, but either it was mis-labeled or the double-density controller always writes in double-density as it didn't work for me. That's why I ended up creating my own disks from images using Dave Dunfield's NST.

      I can make copies of the master disk for you, but you'll still have to patch the I/O for your system. The other thing is, these are hard-sector disks. I don't have a ton of them on hand at the moment, as I haven't gotten around to placing an order with Athana. When do you need disks by?

      I can also probably patch the I/O for you, if your I/O can be duplicated/emulated by a board I currently have. What are you planning on using for the system console?

      > Ah okay. I know in the arcade world the large "big blue" atari caps and
      > such get replaced, but those arcade machines generally have years and
      > years of uptime while I'd imagine some of the classic computers do not.

      It just depends on the caps. Some are of better quality than others, and age has a lot to do with it too. My IMSAI is running on the capacitors that came with it, as is the Cromemco Z-2D and CompuPro 8/16. That doesn't mean yours are guaranteed good, of course. Do bring it up on a variac to help in the reforming process if you want to try and keep the old caps.

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